library porting question - optional python bindings

Chris Inacio nacho319 at
Tue Mar 1 02:38:41 UTC 2016


I'm trying to build a port definition for a library/application that can
optionally include Python bindings.  The library/application generally
depends on other C libraries to exist (ZMQ v3, Protobufs-C) and if you
enable Python support, then you need a Python interpreter plus
Python-protobufs & python zmq.

Putting an OPTION of Python in the port file is easy.  Including the
optional Python dependencies (and presumably targets - but I'm not that far
yet) seems to be a lot more complicated.  I haven't found anything that
would tell me how I'm supposed to do that.  I have found that I'm supposed
to add pyXX prefixes to the python targets.

Does anyone know of a similar application/library that I can go look at?
Is there any documentation on how to solve this?

Chris Inacio

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