Call for testing on vagrant-bhyve

Tong Li litong at
Thu Jul 28 21:48:50 UTC 2016

Hello Everyone,

As part of this year's GSoC, we created a project named vagrant-bhyve
<>which enables bhyve as a backend
of Vagrant so that we can use Vagrant to manage bhyve VMs. Now most of
fundamental functions are working, including booting up a box, providing
network access to a box, getting ssh into a box (you can check status in
details on GitHub). My mentors and I have done some testes, but we still
need more hands to help us find bugs. We also need more users' feedbacks to
help us confirm most needed functions other than basical ones and
prioritize their implementation. So, please help us. I have documented a
step by step guide on how to test vagrant-bhyve, you can follow that. When
you find some problems or need some new features, feel free to open an
issue. All your testing and feedback will be much appreciated. :)

Here is another thing. I am using PF to porvide NAT and port forwarding
(thanks to vm-bhyve's hints), but got two problems. One is about PF anthor
and another is about port forwarding. I opened two issues for them, please
also help me figure out these two problems if you have met them before.
Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

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