guile vs. guile2

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at
Wed Jul 27 07:22:27 UTC 2016

Now that autogen is at 5.18.10, it really does not build with guile
anymore and I cannot cheat and revert the change to guile2.

Anyhow, lilypond still has a library dependency on guile and from the
discussion on the lilypond mailing list (and other lists), I do not
think this is likely going to change, soon.

This means, I cannot build for example audacity on a system with
lilypond installed and anjuta and lilypond cannot even be installed

Has anyone tried to make guile and guile2 coexist? They share files:
bin/guile* man/man1/guile.1.gz share/aclocal/guile.m4 -- but as far as I
see nothing in include or lib.


Jan Henrik

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