How to make installation conditional in pkg-plist

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Tue Jul 26 17:14:11 UTC 2016

Le mar 26 jul 16 à 18:57:16 +0200, Montgomery-Smith, Stephen <stephen at>
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> Currently the ports math/vtk6 and science/paraview both try to install 
> the same file: share/cmake/hdf5/libhdf5.settings.  It is described in 
> this bug report.
> My proposed solution is that each port only installs the file if it 
> doesn't already exist, and only deinstalls the file if it installed it. 
> I am planning to figure out some kind of @exec solution for the pkg-plist.
> Has anyone already solved this problem in other situations?  I prefer 
> not to reinvent something if good solutions already exist.
> Failing that, does anyone have good ideas on how to do this, or even 
> alternative solutions?

This file is already installed by the port science/hdf5, but under

I would suggest to:
- modify science/hdf5 to create a symlink under share/cmake/hdf5
- patch math/vtk6 and science/paraview to not install this file.

Th. Thomas.
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