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Matthew Seaman matthew at
Fri Jul 22 06:59:07 UTC 2016

On 21/07/2016 20:25, Russell Haley wrote:
> 3) By forcing all Lua installation to use luaXX naming conventions, it
> forces the user to have to create work arounds or links to get the
> standard interpreter to work by calling "lua" (which is the expected
> use case in my opinion). The current supported version of Lua is 5.3.
> While I can see the need to install past versions using explicit
> naming, it is my opinion that the current version should be installed
> as Lua, not luaXX.

Is there any possibility of needing to install two different versions of
lua simultaneously?  Are there lua consumers that require specific

If that's so, then a better approach here might be be to copy the way
the python ports work: have a lua meta-port which creates appropriate
unversioned symlinks to the executables from the versioned ports.



[*] As I recall, for instance, redis embeds lua-5.2 -- but that's not
really germane to this because redis has imported all the lua code, and
doesn't have any dependencies on exteranl lua.

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