Passing target to source Makefile

Russell Haley russ.haley at
Thu Jul 21 21:06:47 UTC 2016

On Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 2:55 AM, olli hauer <ohauer at> wrote:
> On 2016-07-21 08:03, Russell Haley wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I've been able to hack up the Makefile for an update of lua53 but the
>> one thing still missing is the ability to pass a target for the source
>> Makefile (i.e. lua's Makefile, not the ports Makefile). I need to pass
>> in "freebsd" as per the build instructions for lua.
>> Also, I can't seem to get make makeplist to work, but I think that's
>> because the lua makefile is defaulting to install the files (due to
>> the lack of target) and overriding the makeplist output?
>> Thanks,
>> Russell
> Hi Russel,
> it is not clear if you try to hack the lag/lua53 port or a different one.
> There are perhaps two ways, during configure or as make arg
> CONFIGURE_ARGS+= target=freebsd
> or
> MAKE_ARGS+= target=freebsd

Thanks again for this suggestion but I can't for the life of me make
it work. I would normally use ports through svn and try to provide a
patch but I have limited time and tools currently (on vacation) so the
best I can do is provide an archive of my updated port files:

For a quick look, I have posted the raw Makefile in pastebin (yes,
it's a mess but it's a work in progress):

If I can't make the above variables work then I'll perhaps fall back
to Carstens suggestion, but my preference is for the standard ports

Again, all help is appreciated.



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