Maintaining mono/.net

Carsten Larsen cs at
Thu Jul 21 18:52:59 UTC 2016


On 09-07-2016 kl. 13:10 Romain Tartière wrote:
> Dear all,
> I finally could manage to sync my local mess into some "shipable form"
> and updated the bsd-sharp github repository with current WIP:
> My main issue is devel/newtonsoft-json which fails to build.  I could
> not manage to get more time to search for the root cause of the build
> failure during the last couple of weeks :-(  If someone has insights or
> a workaround, thank you for sharing !

I dont know know if any others are looking at his issue ? fyi. I could 
build lang/mono from the repository without any changes. I will take a 
look devel/newtonsoft-json and see if I can fix it.

> Regards,
> Romain


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