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Mark Millard markmi at
Wed Jul 20 18:42:14 UTC 2016

[This is a resend: Replying to svn-ports-head did not seem to go through so I'm trying freebsd-ports. I have fixed a typo.] is broken on armv6, powerpc, and all other ILP32 FreeBSD architectures:

+-typedef long long off64_t;
++typedef long off64_t;

long is not 64-bits but only 32-bits for ILP32 FreeBSD architectures. FreeBSD uses 64 bits for off_t even for ILP32 architectures. For FreeBSD off_t and iozone's off64_t need to be compatible.

Use of %ld instead of %lld formats have the same issue with ILP32 FreeBSD architectures.

+-			sscanf(optarg,"%lld",&kilobytes64);
++			sscanf(optarg,"%ld",&kilobytes64);

See the activity at:

Mark Millard
markmi at

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