Re: curl and nginx no longer build on same host

Euan Thoms euan at
Mon Jul 18 19:45:56 UTC 2016

On Saturday, July 16, 2016 20:43 SGT, Jim Ohlstein <jim at> wrote: 
> Hello,
> On 7/15/16 11:41 PM, Euan Thoms wrote:
> >
> > Yes. I've used ssl=openssl and ssl=libressl in make.conf, no luck with either. The bottom line is ftp/curl with default port options does not want to build against openssl or libressl from ports. And it doesn't want to try and use the base openssl either.
> >
> > Your point about the port options for http2 requiring the ports version of openssl is valid. But this happens when the default options for both ports are used. I could accept my manual workaround if I had changed the default port options on either of the two ports. But default port options should build together.
> >
> > I suppose this has only come about on this upgrade cycle because nginx port now has http2 on by default?
> As of version 1.10.0 it appears http2 is selected by default. It has 
> been the default in www/nginx-devel for some time. it is not the default 
> for ftp/curl:
> My /etc/make.conf has the following:
> That will force ftp/curl (and all ports) to build against the openssl 
> port. If I understand correctly, that is about to become the default 
> behavior for all ports at some time in the not so distant future, or at 
> least it has been proposed.

OK, I understand. And I'm glad we're heading somewhere where we will have more consistency. I just feel that we shouldn't need anything in /etc/make.conf unless we are exerting some extra control and using non-default options. I've managed to get away without anything in /etc/make.conf on all my jails, collectively they install quite a range of software types.

Are you sure that WITH_OPENSSL_PORT isn't deprecated. I got some warnings to that effect. So I've been using USES+=ssl=openssl instead. Perhaps that's part of the problem, maybe the ftp/curl port is still using the older make.conf flag. I'll try it next time I update.

Thanks Jim.
Regards, Euan Thoms 

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