Considering removal of math/libR and math/libRmath

Fernando Herrero Carrón elferdo at
Sat Jul 16 14:52:41 UTC 2016

El 16/7/2016 16:34, "Joseph Mingrone" <jrm at> escribió:
> Hello,
> Neither of these ports are depended on by other ports and the option to
> libR with math/R is already there (with an option).  Is anyone using
either of
> these ports?  Do you foresee any problems if they are swallowed by math/R?
> Joseph

>From math/R's perspective it would be nice to see them go away. The
Makefile handling of both is somewhat cumbersome as it stands.

I myself have never felt the need to embed libR in C or C++ and if had to,
I would probably turn to Rcpp.

Upstream R can also be built without base packages, just the basic
environment. Adding such an option to math/R might be a good replacement
for both libR* ports.


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