devel/sope: make (stage-qa) now fails with DEVELOPER=yes complaining about iconv dependency

Kubilay Kocak koobs at
Fri Jul 15 07:27:03 UTC 2016

On 15/07/2016 5:17 PM, Martin Waschbüsch wrote:
>> Am 14.07.2016 um 23:29 schrieb Euan Thoms <euan at>:
>> On Friday, July 15, 2016 01:11 SGT, Walter Schwarzenfeld
>> <w.schwarzenfeld at> wrote:
>>> I think this statements should be only warnings. Cause not all
>>> of these statements are right and each maintianer should decide
>>> which "USES" or "LIB_DEPENDS" are necessairely and which not.
>> Well, I don't know enough to comment about whether it should be
>> classed as a warning or an error. But there's definetely a bug in
>> the ports Mk system, since adding USES+=iconv does not remove the
>> error. I don't think I even need iconv as a dependency, it should
>> be included lower down in the dependency tree.
> I am not sure about this. At the very least, sope-core does use iconv
> in its NGExtensions (e.g. NSString+Encoding.m). Can we really assume
> some lower dependency package already pulls iconv in?

If something in a port links to libiconv (or anything else), then
the dependency should be registered in that port

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