Re:?==?utf-8?q? devel/sope: make (stage-qa) now fails with DEVELOPER=yes complaining about iconv dependency

Euan Thoms euan at
Thu Jul 14 21:29:37 UTC 2016

On Friday, July 15, 2016 01:11 SGT, Walter Schwarzenfeld <w.schwarzenfeld at> wrote: 
> I think this statements should be only warnings. Cause not all  of these 
> statements are right and each maintianer should decide which "USES" or 
> "LIB_DEPENDS" are necessairely and which not.

Well, I don't know enough to comment about whether it should be classed as a warning or an error. But there's definetely a bug in the ports Mk system, since adding USES+=iconv does not remove the error. I don't think I even need iconv as a dependency, it should be included lower down in the dependency tree.
Regards, Euan Thoms 

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