Deluge 1.3.x and libtorrent-rasterbar v1.1.0

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Tue Jul 12 14:23:37 UTC 2016

On 11.07.2016 09:46, Bendik wrote:
> Latest version of libtorrent-rasterbar is now 1.1.0, and ports has v1.0.9
> so it might be tempting to update it (like Arch did without testing).
Khm, I have the update (almost) ready here -- and testing it with
> However, libtorrent v1.1.0 introduces backwards incompatible changes, and
> will not work with Deluge 1.3.x.
Is it difficult to patch up Deluge? libtorrent-rasterbar has a CVE
against it -- including version 1.1.0 -- and so sticking to the old
version for very long is not going to work...


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