base components should always be default (Re: change in default openssl coming)

Guido Falsi mad at
Sat Jul 9 18:36:06 UTC 2016

On 07/09/16 19:31, Thierry Thomas wrote:
> Le sam  9 jul 16 à 12:49:53 +0200, Guido Falsi <mad at>
>  écrivait :
>> Completely removing OpenSSL from base requires replacing it with some
>> other SSL implementation, or removing a lot of other goodies which
>> interface themselves with the external world from base.
> Well, anyway, we are going to a packaged base, so this question won't be
> a problem.

Yes and no. Each user can choose to not install openssl parts and other
base packages depending on it. They can already do that anyway, there
are a lot of "WITHOUT" knobs, there's also WITHOUT_OPENSSL. Only real
difference is at present it has to be done compiling from source, with
packages it could be done by picking packages.

But that option will not change the basic problem of how the OS is
developed. FreeBSD base will anyway include OpenSSL even though users
can choose(and have been able to for a long while) too not install it.

Guido Falsi <mad at>

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