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Mon Jul 4 21:08:23 UTC 2016

INDEX build failed with errors:
Generating INDEX-9 - please wait.. Done.
make_index: /home/indexbuild/tindex/ports/graphics/ocaml-images: no entry for /home/indexbuild/tindex/ports/devel/omake

Committers on the hook:
 adamw brnrd bsam cy junovitch madpilot mm pawel pi rene 

Most recent SVN update was:
Updating '.':
D    archivers/epkg
U    archivers/Makefile
U    archivers/dpkg/Makefile
U    archivers/dpkg/distinfo
U    archivers/dpkg/pkg-plist
D    audio/streamtuner
D    audio/alac
D    audio/mangler
D    audio/hawkvoice
U    audio/Makefile
D    biology/platon
U    biology/Makefile
D    cad/qcad-partslib
U    cad/Makefile
D    comms/dump1090_mr
U    comms/Makefile
D    databases/oracle_odbc_driver
D    databases/mysql-xql
D    databases/postgresql_autodoc
D    databases/mysql-udf-sys
U    databases/Makefile
D    deskutils/displaycalibrator
U    deskutils/Makefile
D    devel/tclgetopts
D    devel/cl-uffi-sbcl
D    devel/dits
D    devel/libbnr
D    devel/ocfpcsc
D    devel/py-EnthoughtBase
D    devel/rapidsvn
D    devel/omake
D    devel/eric4
D    devel/liblcfg
D    devel/libopensync022
D    devel/svndelta
D    devel/memcheck
D    devel/ruby-event-loop
D    devel/svnkit
D    devel/cbind
D    devel/c4
D    devel/uclmmbase
D    devel/libqxt
D    devel/ruby-cache
D    devel/mk
D    devel/avltree
D    devel/cl-uffi
D    devel/ifd-test
D    devel/libopendaap
D    devel/cvs2p4
D    devel/acme
D    devel/dasm
D    devel/bufferpool
D    devel/papp
D    devel/antlrworks
D    devel/obfuscatejs
D    devel/oniguruma
U    devel/Makefile
U    devel/cs-eric6/distinfo
U    devel/eric6/
U    devel/eric6/distinfo
U    devel/es-eric6/distinfo
U    devel/it-eric6/distinfo
U    devel/tr-eric6/distinfo
U    devel/qca/files/patch-plugins_qca-ossl_qca-ossl.cpp
D    dns/ldnsm
U    dns/Makefile
D    editors/ssam
D    editors/fb
U    editors/Makefile
D    emulators/minivmac
D    emulators/dynamips-devel
D    emulators/dynamips
D    emulators/sim6811
U    emulators/Makefile
D    french/eric4
U    french/Makefile
U    french/eric6/distinfo
D    ftp/fget
U    ftp/Makefile
D    games/qtv
D    games/xroads
D    games/sdlquake2
D    games/sudoku
D    games/plonx
D    games/noegnud-nethack
D    games/daimonin
D    games/xonix
D    games/noegnud-littlehack
D    games/noegnud-addons
D    games/nibbles
D    games/pyching
D    games/live-f1
D    games/kmancala
D    games/daimonin-music
D    games/gma
D    games/fxsudoku
D    games/xbomber
D    games/pysycache-themes
D    games/linux-nwserver
D    games/noegnud-nethack-deet
D    games/rt2-demo
D    games/gno3dtet
D    games/thevalley
D    games/latrine
D    games/xwelltris
D    games/fgkicker
D    games/quake2-zaero
D    games/noegnud-slashem
D    games/xwordpy
D    games/netris
D    games/smiley
D    games/tank
D    games/lucidlife
D    games/ftjava
D    games/wmminichess
D    games/hlstatsx
U    games/Makefile
D    german/eric4
U    german/Makefile
U    german/eric6/distinfo
D    graphics/white_dune
D    graphics/whirlgif
D    graphics/import-pictures
D    graphics/gplot
D    graphics/libaux
U    graphics/Makefile
D    graphics/zathura/files
U    graphics/zathura/Makefile
U    graphics/zathura/distinfo
D    irc/nefarious
D    irc/qwebirc
D    irc/ratbox-respond
D    irc/slirc
U    irc/Makefile
D    japanese/guesswork-classic
D    japanese/jyuroku
D    japanese/mtools
D    japanese/texinfo
U    japanese/Makefile
D    lang/intel2gas
D    lang/alisp
D    lang/s9fes
D    lang/stalin
D    lang/lua-mode.el
U    lang/Makefile
D    mail/gld
D    mail/vqregister
D    mail/atmail
D    mail/exact
D    mail/qmail-conf
D    mail/pop3gwd
D    mail/pflogstats
D    mail/ml
D    mail/dsbl-testers
D    mail/mailtray
D    mail/wmpop3
U    mail/Makefile
U    mail/heirloom-mailx/Makefile
D    math/dcdflib
D    math/libneural
D    math/xgobi
D    math/open-axiom
D    math/fricas
U    math/Makefile
D    misc/pypanda
D    misc/quotes
D    misc/cuecat
D    misc/boxquote.el
U    misc/Makefile
D    multimedia/ggrab
D    multimedia/vic
U    multimedia/Makefile
D    net/sprinkle
D    net/nstxd
U    net/Makefile
U    net/vnc/Makefile
U    net/openntpd/Makefile
D    net-im/cicquin
D    net-im/pidgin-manualsize
D    net-im/icb
D    net-im/pidgin-rhythmbox
U    net-im/Makefile
D    net-mgmt/ipfm
D    net-mgmt/netmond
U    net-mgmt/Makefile
D    news/slnr
U    news/Makefile
D    palm/pdbar
U    palm/Makefile
D    print/mup
D    print/enscriptfonts
U    print/Makefile
D    russian/fortune-bashorgru
D    russian/eric4
U    russian/Makefile
U    russian/eric6/distinfo
D    science/jmol
U    science/Makefile
D    security/vlog
D    security/pear-Auth_OpenID
D    security/radiusniff
D    security/ifd-slb_rf60
D    security/openpgpsdk
D    security/cryptstring
D    security/rainbowcrack
D    security/sshit
U    security/Makefile
U    security/vuxml/vuln.xml
D    sysutils/vlogger
D    sysutils/jfbterm
D    sysutils/pcfclock
D    sysutils/bontmia
D    sysutils/daedalus
D    sysutils/rsyncmanager
U    sysutils/Makefile
D    textproc/glpi-plugins-DataInjection
D    textproc/p5-Groonga-API
D    textproc/tralics
D    textproc/tdhkit
D    textproc/xslint
D    textproc/docbookide.el
D    textproc/exslt
D    textproc/ssddiff
D    textproc/cbedic
D    textproc/glpi-plugins-AdditionalReports
D    textproc/xt
U    textproc/Makefile
U    textproc/py-xlwt/Makefile
U    textproc/py-xlwt/distinfo
D    www/pecl-varnish
D    www/varnish-libvmod-header
D    www/reviewboard
D    www/xpi-gbrain
D    www/xpi-cookiesafe
D    www/chtml
D    www/xpi-prism
D    www/trac-mastertickets
D    www/wwwstat
D    www/xpi-mldonkey
D    www/simplog
D    www/trac-robotstxt
D    www/py-requests-oauth-hook
D    www/hudson
D    www/siteframe
D    www/py-urljr
D    www/xpi-fasterfox
D    www/typolight
D    www/ruby-wgettsv
D    www/dotclear
D    www/xpi-tabletools
D    www/xpi-clearfields
D    www/wikindx
U    www/Makefile
D    x11/xclick
D    x11/xlupe
D    x11/libdnd
D    x11/xco
U    x11/Makefile
D    x11-fm/asfiles
U    x11-fm/Makefile
D    x11-fonts/fonts-te
U    x11-fonts/Makefile
D    x11-wm/e-module-tclock
D    x11-wm/e-module-forecasts
D    x11-wm/musca
D    x11-wm/e-module-mpdule
D    x11-wm/e-module-penguins
D    x11-wm/e-module-net
D    x11-wm/e-module-places
U    x11-wm/Makefile
U    converters/wkhtmltopdf/Makefile
U    converters/wkhtmltopdf/distinfo
U    converters/wkhtmltopdf/pkg-plist
U    chinese/eric6/distinfo
U    portuguese/eric6/distinfo
U    Mk/
Updated to revision 418057.

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