what to do when base openssl isn't suitable

Jan Beich jbeich at vfemail.net
Fri Jul 1 23:35:11 UTC 2016

Don Lewis <truckman at FreeBSD.org> writes:

> I've got a port that does not work with base openssl because it looks
> for libssl.pc.  Other than that, I don't think it is picky about what
> flavor of ports ssl is installed.  Because the default version of ssl
> still defaults to base, I don't see a way to get this port to build on
> the cluster, so there is no way to provide binary packages.  That's a
> problem for end users because this port has bunch of huge build
> dependencies.  Thoughts?

Have you tried putting a copy of libssl.pc under ${FILESDIR} and
adjusting PKG_CONFIG_PATH or forcing configure to accept *FLAGS without?

  # from net-p2p/zetacoin/Makefile

  # from mail/mpop/Makefile
  OPENSSL_CONFIGURE_ENV=${OPENSSLINC:M/usr/include:C,.+,libssl_CFLAGS=" ",} \
			${OPENSSLLIB:M/usr/lib:C,.+,libssl_LIBS="-lssl -lcrypto",}
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