New port assistance for mlr

Rainer Hurling rhurlin at
Sun Jan 31 20:28:26 UTC 2016

Am 31.01.16 um 17:57 schrieb Kurt Jaeger:
> Hi!
>> Do I need to contact the maintainer and see why it won't build on 9?
> The problem is that the port requires a recent flex, but 9.3 has
> an older version. So for 9.3 the makefiles need some patch
> to use the proper flex version.
>> Do you have the build log that I can show him?

I had a nearly similar problem with graphics/qgis. This way it works for me:

.if ${OPSYS} == FreeBSD && ${OSVERSION} < 1000000
BUILD_DEPENDS+=	flex>=2.5.39:${PORTSDIR}/textproc/flex
CXXFLAGS+=	-I${LOCALBASE}/include/flex


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