OpenBSD's httpd port

Stanislaw Adaszewski s.adaszewski at
Fri Jan 22 10:54:28 UTC 2016

Any idea how to properly configure github for two repos to generate
the distinfo file?

I tried:

USE_GITHUB=     yes
GH_ACCOUNT=     sadaszewski:sadaszewski,koue:koue
GH_PROJECT=     httpd:sadaszewski httpd:koue

But it tries as well to download some kind of default file :/

Help would be very appreciated.



On 22 January 2016 at 11:13, Kurt Jaeger <lists at> wrote:
> Hi!
>> In this case I'd rather have the following patch applied on top of it -
>> - I've generated a pull request.
>> If this however would be undesirable (i.e. people prefer to have vanilla
>> version of OpenBSD's httpd in obhttpd) how would I go about creating
>> a -devel port?
> That's the easy part:
> Submit a problem report (PR) with the shar via
> I would suggest to have only one version in the tree.
> Maybe add some options to the normal port that allows to
> have the features you like to add ?
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