OpenBSD's httpd port

Stanislaw Adaszewski s.adaszewski at
Fri Jan 22 09:59:37 UTC 2016

Oh ok that's a good point. I looked through the freebsd-ports archive -
must've missed it. So what I did is sth from scratch in 1-2 hrs.

obhttpd seems to take a bit different approach - pull in more of OBSD
code instead of modifying httpd itself. As of now the functionality is
more complete this way, I certainly hope it also remains maintainable :)

In this case I'd rather have the following patch applied on top of it - - I've generated a pull request.

If this however would be undesirable (i.e. people prefer to have vanilla
version of OpenBSD's httpd in obhttpd) how would I go about creating
a -devel port?



On 22 January 2016 at 10:14, Kurt Jaeger <lists at> wrote:
> Hi!
>> I have a semi-working port of OpenBSD's new httpd running
>> on FreeBSD.
> Interesting! Are you aware of
> www/obhttpd
> This is the FreeBSD port of the OpenBSD http server.
> WWW:
>> I wanted to ask if there's a chance to get this put into
>> FreeBSD's port tree while I keep working on the missing
>> functionality?
> Is it just an update to obhttpd or would it be more like a -devel port
> of that ?
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