Samba SpotLight support

O'Connor, Daniel darius at
Fri Jan 22 02:14:30 UTC 2016

> On 22 Jan 2016, at 00:19, Andrea Venturoli <ml at> wrote:
> I've seen Samba 4.3 supports SpotLight (see

That seems like an odd combination, but I guess Apple have an SMB extension perhaps?
I know there is netatalk support for Spotlight and it too uses GNOME tracker as its backend.

> Do we have all it needs in FreeBSD?
> Why don't we have this options in Samba port options?
> Is it just a matter of adding it manually?
> Before I start trying the hard way, has someone been there yet?
> Something exotic to expect?

I think when I looked at this I had to update and build some stuff that wasn't in ports and then I couldn't get it working so I gave up..

Looking again I think you would need to create a port for

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