Welcome miwi back to the portmgr team!

Kubilay Kocak koobs at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jan 20 13:06:01 UTC 2016

On 20/01/2016 11:47 PM, Frederic Culot wrote:
> The FreeBSD Ports Management team is pleased to welcome back Martin
> Wilke, aka miwi@, to it's ranks.
> As everyone knows, Martin is the developer who contributed the largest
> number of commits to the ports tree: more than 20,000 commits since
> 2006! In November 2014, Martin decided to step down from duties at
> FreeBSD in order to save time for both his growing family and real job.
> Luckily for us, Martin has more time now for FreeBSD, so please join me
> in welcoming miwi@ back to the portmgr team.
> Frederic
> on behalf of portmgr@


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