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> On Jan 19, 2016, at 09:21, Joe Nosay <superbisquit at> wrote:
> of how self-centered and selfish all of you are.

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Hi Joe,
	It’s difficult proposing things like you are and have been in the past (especially when the world is very much driven by currency). I thought that the idea was a noble social endeavor, even if it was a bit rough planning wise to commit resources to in what you had presented. The FreeBSD community (in and of itself) has a limited number of resources tackling several issues on multiple fronts (many of which might be encouraged/driven by our employers), and not all of us might have your interests and ideas in mind for FreeBSD (diversity of thought). My focus and interests in FreeBSD are stability, quality of the operating system, testing, repeatability, etc. My days of tinkering with Unix on a desktop or laptop (anything non-ChromeOS, non-OSX, or non-Windows, e.g. FreeBSD, Linux, OpenSolaris) came to an end a couple years ago because I’ve found that running Unix (in particular based Unix) is a time sink that I no longer am interested in committing to (I’ve run Fedora/Gentoo Linux on desktops/laptops with limited success as well as FreeBSD with limited success on laptops over the years [*]), especially when other vendors (Adobe in particular) look at Unix and decide to decommission support for their products.
	Outside of my “9-5” (in reality 10+ hour days), I focus on friends and social and political issues that have been impacting communities that I’m a part of (LGBT issues, #blacklivesmatter issues, housing issues in Seattle, etc), as well as myself personally (self-care is a good thing to practice to avoid emotional, mental, and/or physical burnout).
	Like I recommended before in private, I think you need to find the right audience of people who understand and have similar interests in what you’re trying to achieve in order to discuss and cultivate your ideas with, and bring it to the maturity that it needs to be at in order to be accepted and adopted. Having a team of advocates to work with will help with your endeavor. What you’ve proposed before is not a simple undertaking: it involves several moving parts that aren’t currently available as well as a vision to drive these from design to end-result, unless you have an engineering organization that you can fund (or lots of sports drinks and long sleepless nights to commit to in order to achieve the work… but beware — this leads to burnout).
	I really hope whatever living situation you’re dealing with improves. I can empathize with it having been exposed to several friends and acquaintances who’ve been at the short end of the stick lately housing wise in the Seattle area.
Take care and I wish you the best, whatever the outcome.

* The best laptop experience I’ve ever had was FreeBSD on an ASUS Netbook 4 years ago, which (unfortunately) was completely underpowered and underspec’ed (all of my other laptop experiences have been utter failures due to proprietary drivers, lack of suspend/resume, reliable wireless support, etc). It couldn’t build FreeBSD ports reasonably, and the wired NIC port wouldn’t properly reset the PHY every time I unplugged the cable on it (so once I unplugged the CAT6 cable it would stop transmitting data). Eventually I donated the Netbook to someone else because I had far too many computers to split my attention between. On the bright side, I got it to do source builds, wireless, suspend and resume (on i386 which was unheard of back then… thanks jkim@!!), and fluxbox on a tiny 12” screen — which was better than PCBSD at the time :)!

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