Porting questions for teslams port

Bruce A. Mah bmah at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jan 15 19:07:16 UTC 2016

Hi porters--

I'm working on a port of teslams, which is a Node.js implementation of
the client side of the API for querying and (in a limited way!)
controlling a Tesla Model S.  I know next to nothing about Node.js, but
the example programs are useful for some stuff I'm working on.


Two questions:

1.  What port category should this go under?  I'm thinking "misc" for
lack of anything else but that seems unsatisfying...AFAIK there isn't
really an "Internet of Things" category.  Is there any existing
precedent for something like this?

2.  Licensing...teslams itself appears to be BSD, but when it gets
installed, npm resolves dependencies for other Node.js packages that
teslams depends on, which have a variety of other (open source AFAIK)
licenses.  A package of teslams would contain that code plus all of its
dependencies.  So would the correct LICENSE basically be the union of
all the licenses of teslams and all its dependencies, with

Thanks for any clues...


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