[HEADS-UP] portscout now works with Ports using GitHub

Kubilay Kocak koobs at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jan 11 17:56:07 UTC 2016

On 7/01/2016 5:27 AM, Kubilay Kocak wrote:
> Dear Porters/Maintainers,
> An hour or so ago, an updated version of portscout was deployed that
> finally fixes detection of updates for ports using USE_GITHUB=yes
> For more information on the fix, and the original commit adding support
> for GitHub detection, and it's limitations, see:
> https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3996 - Original support
> https://reviews.freebsd.org/D4780 - Fixed detection
> This email is just to notify all MAINTAINERS that receive email
> notifications from portscout of the following:
> * The detection uses GitHub releases, if they exist, or repository tags
> as a fallback
> * Due to the infinite number of repository tagging schemes, some that
> don't match PORTVERSIONS, or look like version numbers at all, the
> detection logic is imperfect.
> * The version displayed on on the frontend https://portscout.FreeBSD.org
> for github ports is the 'tag' that was matched, not the PORTVERSION you
> should update to. I wanted to keep the initial changes very contained,
> so avoided any template updates. We may change this in the future.
> * There will be false-positives, but we'll attempt to address them once
> they are identified. For example, so that have already been seen:
> Port        | Current version | New version
> -------------------------------------------
> irc/insub   | 16.0            | initial
> net/6tunnel | 0.11rc2.20130525| 0.11rc1
> Having said that, most of these CAN be resolved by having the upstream
> authors tag their repositories 'properly', that is with version numbers.
> If you notice anything strange or broken, or would like to get involved
> in improving portscout in any way, please join #freebsd-ports on
> freenode IRC, or #bsdports on Efnet.
> --
> Koobs

A major logic regression was introduced prior to new year has been
corrected. For full detail of the pointyhat, see:


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