Application Authentication

Toli tolipapa at
Mon Jan 11 03:38:32 UTC 2016

Hello.I was in the BSD website reading info, because I  have an application that when I launch it it brings me back an error 5.5.1 that requires authentication. Now that has nothing to do with my email service, cause I  have no issues whatsoever with it,I tried all kinds of settings within my router and authentication requirements, with no results.I am self taught in most areas with good results, but I am stuck and I feel that I am in need of a higher knowledge-base, that is why I am sending you this email.The app is about bitcoins....that I am not successful into completing. Goes through all the steps until the final that needs to connect to the server, thus giving me the famous 5.5.1.Thanks in advance with any info and suggestions.Toli....

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