Why standard user mailnull (26:26) is missing from /usr/ports/UIDs?

Alexey Dokuchaev danfe at FreeBSD.org
Thu Dec 29 13:21:36 UTC 2016

Hi porters,

I was given a port to commit, it's email-related daemon and wants to keep
some stuff around (like its state and socket) owned by its user.  Submitter
originally had chosen `mailnull' as apparently default system e-mail user;
it suits the job and looks reasonable enough for generic email processing.

However, staging the port fails like this:

  ===>   Generating temporary packing list
  ===> Creating groups.
  ===> Creating users
  ** Cannot find any information about user `mailnull' in /usr/ports/UIDs.
  *** Error code 1

Changing the user to `smmsp' solves it, but ``Sendmail Submission User''
looks less suitable than ``Sendmail Default User'' for the purpose.

Hence there're two questions:

1) $subj
2) Is it OK to add `mailnull' to /usr/ports/UIDs similar to `smmsp'?  Or,
3) every port should not abuse default system users and create their own?


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