The ports collection has some serious issues

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Mon Dec 26 08:14:57 UTC 2016

> On Tue, Dec 20, 2016 at 11:57:38PM +1100, Dave Horsfall wrote:
> > On Mon, 19 Dec 2016, John Marino wrote:

> > > I never, not once, tried to "get rid of portmaster".  By repeating this
> > > untruth after I already corrected you is trolling.  There was a very
> > > small chance you were just ignorant but thanks for admitting you knew
> > > exactly what you were doing and making Dave H. look silly.

> > > What I have (and others) wanted?  What would make us happy?

> > Perhaps for you to just quietly FOAD?  When it comes to common sense, you
> > appear to be utterly impervious.

> The direction this thread is taking is intollerable in our community, please
> stay polite and keep this discussion civil (or rather bring it back to a civil
> discussion).

> We will not accept such insults in our community
> Bapt

I just looked in, and the FreeBSD handbook.

What is the current status of portupgrade and portmaster?

Maintained, deprecated or something else?


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