Cyrus IMAP in a jail anyone?

Per olof Ljungmark peo at
Tue Dec 20 20:45:38 UTC 2016


I'm facing a peculiar problem with two Cyrus instances both running
11.STABLE jails. Using the sync feature I am able to replicate the
mailboxes but syncing sieve scripts does not work:

On the sending side(sync_client):

<1482265840<NO System I/O error
sync_client[72614]: SIEVE received NO response: System I/O error
Error from do_user(tester): bailing out!
sync_client[72614]: Error in do_user(tester): bailing out!

and on the receiving end:

syncserver[39165]: IOERROR: creating directory /data: Permission denied

It occurs when the compiled sieve script attempts transfer.

Now, the only place where a "/data" exists is on the sending host
system, it is the root dir of the jails, so, is there any way that the
jailed Cyrus can learn this? Anyone succesfully running a similar conig

And finally, how can I further debug this? Suggestions welcome!


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