The ports collection has some serious issues

Jeffrey Bouquet jeffreybouquet at
Sat Dec 17 12:42:04 UTC 2016

tacking a slightly off-topic topic onto this one

On 12/15/16 10:31 AM, list-freebsd-ports at wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 01:18:05PM -0500, George Mitchell wrote:
>> On 12/15/16 09:40, Warren Block wrote:
>>> On Thu, 8 Dec 2016, Matt Smith wrote:
>>>> On Dec 08 05:16, Daniil Berendeev wrote:
>>>>> Although portmaster is not releated to the FreeBSD project and is an
>>>>> outside tool, there aren't any alternatives from the project itself. So
>>>>> use it or die. Not a nice situation.
>>>> People have been trying to get portmaster deprecated and removed from
>>>> the handbook but have met with resistance.
>>> Well, yes.  Because it works, has no dependencies, and there is no
>>> equivalent replacement.  [...]
>> Warren, you have hit the nail on the head.                  -- George
> +1
> I never have problems with portmaster.
> (But portupgrade could at times be an utter mess,
> I never looked back after switching to portmaster
> many years ago.)
> And I'm not at all interested in running poudriere
> or synth, thank you.
> Peter
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synth here: silently fails, year in year out
synth on a new install equal to this one: good to go
poudriere:  inexpert, hundreds of .htm saved for howto
portmanager:  MOVED, saved hours debugging portupgrade/portmaster until 
it started not working so well.
custom .sh   :   did most of what portmaster did, sometimes very rarely 
in use
edited locally portmaster:  fail at coding on my part
portmaster:  has worked mostly, gave up recently though.  Really would 
like it fully pkg compliant
portupgrade:  features since /var/db/pkg/DIRECTORIES not front-ended by 
sqlite3 expertise required have not worked, pkgdb -F for example

All of those restored to 2006 goodness and working together seamlessly?  
I cannot wait.  Possible with enough systemd-too-complex
systems migrated to FreeBSD someday may happen...

But the reason for this add-on to that topic:
due to gcc gcc49 conflicts I was forced to desinstall math/ised.
Now:  if one will pardon xclip pasted in formatting:

pkg-static install ised Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... FreeBSD 
repository is up-to-date. All repositories are up-to-date. pkg-static: 
hugin has a missing dependency: autopano-sift-C pkg-static: truecrypt 
has a missing dependency: fusefs-kmod Checking integrity... done (2 
conflicting) - gcc-4.9.4 conflicts with gcc49-4.9.4_1 on 
/usr/local/bin/i386-portbld-freebsd11.0-c++49 - gcc-4.9.4 conflicts with 
gcc49-4.9.4_1 on /usr/local/bin/i386-portbld-freebsd11.0-c++49 Checking 
integrity... done (0 conflicting) The following 33 package(s) will be 
affected (of 0 checked):

  Installed packages to be REMOVED: truecrypt-7.1a_3 gcc49-4.9.4_1 
ircii-20151120 py34-setuptools_scm-1.10.1 py34-msgpack-python-0.4.7 
3dm-,1 py34-llfuse-1.0 xalarm-3.06_3 p5-PDF-Template-0.22_1 
pdflib-perl-7.0.5_2 xpi-web_developer-1.2.2 pathneck-1.3 mpack-1.6_3 
webcopy-0.98b7 lha-ac-1.14i_10 lv-4.51_3 window-1.0 solarized-1.0.0 
freefonts-0.10_7 weedit-2.0.3 ncp-1.2.4 shorten-3.6.1 jail-primer-0.2 
lynis-2.4.0 win32-codecs-20110131,1 areca-cli-i386-,1 
pkg_cleanup-2.1 sscalc-1.0 New packages to be INSTALLED: ised: 2.7.1_1 
gcc: 4.9.4 dejavu: 2.37 Installed packages to be REINSTALLED: pkg-1.9.4 
opera-12.16_6 (options changed)

Number of packages to be removed: 28
Number of packages to be installed: 3
Number of packages to be reinstalled: 2
The operation will free 103 MiB.
13 MiB to be downloaded.
Proceed with this action? [y/N]: n

Additionally, it does not build. Maybe on the other machine that synth 
runs on, I could put it on a thumbdrive and install just
the ised binary...

Also had to deinstall scilab, PDL, py27-game, solarwolf, etc etc. IIRC

Nothing urgent at all but my thoughts on this gcc conflict issue as well 
as maybe chiming into the topic of this thread
Sorry to waste anyone's time, may be a local issue to this particular 
ports tree, some errant file.

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