The ports collection has some serious issues

John Marino at
Fri Dec 16 15:54:05 UTC 2016

Roger Marquis wrote
>> It is every week.  Consider the FreeBSD forums as well.
>> "misuse" and "misunderstanding" failures are attributed to the tool. Let's
>> stop making excuses for portmaster.  It is what it is and we've had years to
>> evaluate it.
> If portmaster was part of base I'd agree that it should be deprecated,
> however, being a port it can be afforded more leeway.  All portmaster
> needs IMO is a strong WARNING message to be displayed on installation A)
> enumerating some of the potential bugs and B) clarifying that portmaster
> is third party software that is neither actively maintained nor
> supported (or recommended?) by FreeBSD.

It is just semantics.
A "deprecated" message is just a warning.  Maybe even a "strong" 
warning.  By itself, it means nothing more than that.  Since the 
beginning, portmaster was not going to be removed, it was just going to 
carry this warning to alert users.

What you propose is what has always been proposed.  I never understood 
why people went ape-**** over it, unless they don't understand what 
"deprecated without expiration" actually means.  I just assumed that 
having such a warning was a scarlet letter and fans of portmaster didn't 
want the reputation defamed.

If Torsten drops maintainership then some sort of "strong" warning 
should come with that drop.  I would be satisfied with adding a 
descriptive DEPRECATED message myself.


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