(In)Stability of the Quarterly Branch

Vlad K. vlad-fbsd at acheronmedia.com
Fri Dec 16 10:30:31 UTC 2016

On 2016-12-16 11:08, Torsten Zuehlsdorff wrote:
> There are two problems with this:
> 1) Many ports have no maintainer
> 2) Even more ports have no tests at all

We can't have our cake and eat it :)

Obviously, a STABLE repo would have to be a subset of ports, not all 26k 
of them. The criteria I spoke of in the original post would include that 
each port has a valid maintainer. Maintainer TIMEOUTS would be monitored 
and port kicked out if the maintainer is gone.

For starters, we'd have to enumerate all the ports that have stable 
upstreams. For example, RoundCube supports both the new 1.2.x repo and 
the old, legacy 1.1.x. That means 1.1.x could've been added to the 
STABLE repo and maintained until it EOLs.

Second, ports that do not obey some reasonable versioning scheme, eg. 
major version changes MAY break backwards compatibility, minor MUST not, 
and major.minor.point MUST be only bugfixes and security. can be added 
ONLY and ONLY if the MAINTAINER commits to manually checking every 
change and making sure only security and bugfixes are backported.

Third, ports with no unit tests... well.. I don't know how many are 
there, but perhaps we can make a list of "strategically important" ports 
for servers and maybe desktops, and those that are strategically 
important but have no unit tests, would go in, but would require an 
active maintainer committed to do run tests. I'm sure such a list would 
be bikeshed into oblivion, but we could at least try...

Fourth. It'd be ideal if Poudriere could grow a function that:

a) runs port's unit tests
b) permutates OPTIONS and for each re-runs the build + unit test. Broken 
combinations can be automatically marked as BROKEN.

Now... automatically:

b.1) a patch is automatically generated but a human has to review and 
b.2) the testing infrastructure autocommits (I'm sure portmgr would 
object to this)
b.3) we create a new "stability" database like vuxml which these 
automated tests can automatically populate

Brainstorming here, critique welcome!


Vlad K.

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