The ports collection has some serious issues

Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at
Thu Dec 15 17:43:19 UTC 2016

John Marino wrote on 2016/12/15 17:46:

> [1] I've got it on my todo list to provide a new method that would
> eliminate the "my builder just rebuilt 150 packages, but pkg(8) only
> upgraded 2 packages" issue that some users don't want to see.  It's a
> lot more complicated than the conservative yet bulletproof approach
> currently used by poudriere and synth.

This is interesting case - we are running own Poudriere repo and I am 
fine with it. But I am a bit nervous when I know 150 packages was 
rebuilt and just 2 upgraded by pkg. In this case I want pkg to update 
(reinstall) all of them.
If something changed so that 150 packages must be rebuilt why pkg 
doesn't reinstall them? Isn't it the possible place for problems after 


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