The ports collection has some serious issues

John Marino at
Thu Dec 15 15:30:08 UTC 2016

> On Thu, 8 Dec 2016, Matt Smith wrote:
>> On Dec 08 05:16, Daniil Berendeev wrote:
>>> Although portmaster is not releated to the FreeBSD project and is an
>>> outside tool, there aren't any alternatives from the project itself. So
>>> use it or die. Not a nice situation.
>> People have been trying to get portmaster deprecated and removed from the
>> handbook but have met with resistance.
> Well, yes.  Because it works, has no dependencies, and there is no
> equivalent replacement.  Except maybe portupgrade, which has legacy
> problems like poor default options.

Every single week, somebody falsely accuses the ports tree of being 
broken but the accuser is the only one with the problem.  What do they 
all have in common?  They are portmaster users.  I'll iterate, saying 
"portmaster works" means applying a very generous definition of "works".

>> The recommended replacements are ports-mgmt/synth and ports-mgmt/poudriere.
>> These build an entire package repository that the pkg tool can use but they
>> do so in clean chrooted environments, and rebuild everything that's required
>> to keep a consistent ABI. Synth is more designed for a single live system
>> like a desktop or a single server, whereas poudriere is what the freebsd
>> package build clusters use and is more designed for that type of usage. Worth
>> taking a look.
> These are package builders.  Technically preferable, given adequate disk
> space and memory, but not equivalent to portmaster.

It's like saying git and svn are not equivalent to cvs.

>> It's a shame the handbook hasn't been updated to give this information.
> Which information, in particular?  A section on Poudriere was submitted,
> and I spent a fair amount of time editing it and getting it in there.
> As far as Synth or other information, I'm not aware of any pending
> Handbook or other documentation submissions.

for starters:

Previous PRs indicated that recommendations for portmaster and 
portupgrade were to be removed, but so far this PR has stalled.


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