(In)Stability of the Quarterly Branch

Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at quip.cz
Thu Dec 15 14:16:15 UTC 2016

Torsten Zuehlsdorff wrote on 2016/12/15 14:43:

>> The problem is that there are no tests in FreeBSD ports. All source
>> based systems I've tested: pkgsrc, FreeBSD ports, OpenBSD, Gentoo;
>> FreeBSD is the one that have the most instability. Not to mention
>> committers that commit without testing the port, just look at
>> www/redmine to get your point of view on that issue.
> www/redmine is a special case like for example GitLab. This are ports
> based on rubygems and the ports-tree has a hard time to replicate the
> gems. When one port need an update for a specific gem another can break.
> Other systems avoid the problem by ignoring it. You need to install and
> maintain all gems by yourself. This includes updates, security checks
> and of course installation of dependencies.

First - I really appreciate your work on ports!

And now Redmine - I think I was bitten by every Redmine failure after 
upgrade :)

I wonder if the solution for ports like Redmine can be some kind of 
isolation. Python have virtualenv, AFAIK Ruby has something like this 
too. Will it be possible to connect ports (packages) with some type of 
"environment" defined just for "this package"?

Miroslav Lachmanh

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