Make index fails with no entry for /usr/ports/audio/linux-c7-mikmod

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd2 at
Thu Dec 15 11:24:15 UTC 2016

curlew:/root# freebsd-version -ku
curlew:/root# make -C /usr/ports index
Generating INDEX-11 - please wait..--- describe.accessibility ---
--- describe.arabic ---
--- describe.archivers ---


--- describe.x11-toolkits ---
--- describe.x11-wm ---
make_index: /usr/ports/games/linux-uplink-demo: no entry for /usr/ports/audio/linux-c7-mikmod

curlew:/root# ls -l /usr/ports/audio/linux-c7-mikmod
ls: /usr/ports/audio/linux-c7-mikmod: No such file or directory reports nothing found so what's causing make index to try to index it?

Mike Clarke

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