No port should need root for make fetch

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Thu Dec 15 08:43:57 UTC 2016

Le 14/12/2016 à 06:17, Peter Jeremy a écrit :
> On 2016-Dec-13 21:32:36 +0100, "Julian H. Stacey" <jhs at> wrote:
>> IMO No port should need root for 
>> 	cd /usr/ports; make -i fetch
> In a stock FreeBSD install, all ports require root to both fetch and build.
> You have customised your system in a non-standard way so you are getting
> non-standard behaviour which doesn't match you expectations.

That is plain not true. The numbers of ports that need root to fetch and
build can be counted on one hand, and need to be fixed. We have QAT
builds that check it:

poudriere-devel defaults as doing everything as a non root user (default
nobody), except executing all the -depends target, as they need to
install stuff in LOCALBASE.

Mathieu Arnold

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