The ports collection has some serious issues

Mark Millard markmi at
Tue Dec 13 09:32:01 UTC 2016

Julian Elischer julian at wrote on Mon Dec 12 16:15:32 UTC 2016:

> The problem I get hit by is that the quarterly packages are deleted 
> immediately on the creation of the next quarterly set.

Packages: true --but not true of svn's sources for ports:*Q*/

svn has 2014 's, 2015 's, and 2016 's sources for each of the
quarters: Q1 , Q2 , Q3 , Q4 .

Things seem to be set up more for source based builds 
(or local package builds and distribution based on
such sources for such builds).

(Not that I'm doing anything where I depend on the
issues or distinctions. I just noted the quarterly
history that is available and where it happens to
exist --which may well be obvious to most folks

Mark Millard
markmi at

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