The ports collection has some serious issues

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Mon Dec 12 19:31:36 UTC 2016

> I would say this rarely happens with the default setup, the more port
> options you change the more likely it is something will break.

Yes, I now start:  cd /var/db/ports; mv * MV/* ; setenv NO_DIALOG=YES
Before:  cd /usr/ports; make BERKLIX_CLIENT=YES	# Uses ports/*/Makefile.local
	(still innumerable breaks of course on 1200 ports inc deps.)
I can re-enable options for a 2nd pass rebuild for the very
few ports need it (maybe some better way?).

poudriere's `-f' is nice to accept a list.
But I havent found a way to build my list yet from my Makefile.local eg
	cd /usr/ports; make BERKLIX_CLIENT=YES echo_my_category_and_port
I'll probably hack &

${CATEGORIES}/${PORTNAME} is not quite usable, as eg mail/exmh2 emits 
"mail tk/exmh". Maybe just `pwd` & strip with sed PORTSDIR ?

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