mDNSResponder do not publish hostnames/services (fix?)

Matthieu Volat mazhe at
Mon Dec 5 16:56:31 UTC 2016

Hi, here's a message for those, like myself, who relied on net/mDNSResponder to contact hosts using the .local hostnames.

It seems the last two update to version 725.xx.yy resulted in the fact that mdnsd do not advertize the hostname anymore.

Tracking the issue in the source, I found that a certain variable
controling wether records should be published was previously set and is
not anymore, without being able to understand why this value is now
disabled. Setting this value again *seems* to do the trick, so those
interested could create a files/patch-mDNSCore-mDNS.c with the following content:

--- mDNSCore/mDNS.c.orig	2016-12-05 17:49:35.013870000 +0100
+++ mDNSCore/mDNS.c	2016-12-05 17:49:44.268529000 +0100
@@ -14466,7 +14466,7 @@
     m->WABBrowseQueriesCount    = 0;
     m->WABLBrowseQueriesCount   = 0;
     m->WABRegQueriesCount       = 0;
-    m->AutoTargetServices       = 0;
+    m->AutoTargetServices       = 1;
     m->NumAllInterfaceRecords   = 0;

Since I'm quite unsure on why there is a breakage, I'm not yet opening a bug report... I guess upstream should be notified, but I had no luck in the past on finding how to contact them.

If somebody has a better solution to the problem, I'd be glad to hear it :)

-- Matthieu Volat <mazhe at>
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