Michelle Sullivan michelle at
Sat Dec 3 16:48:28 UTC 2016

Julian Elischer wrote:
> Some friends and I have a pdp8 here.. we replaed the bulbs with leds 
> about 25 years ago, but
> last time we tried it, it still ran.. model number escapes me.. its 
> currently at a friend's place.
> It was the controller for a DISTEC (?)  display, the predecessor for 
> the wonderful gt40 and used as a frontend for teh pdp10 (KA10, serial 
> # 6)
I have several PDP-8, 10 and 11's I can lay my hands on here.. well used 
to would have to hook up with an old mate to see if they're still 
around... fixed a shed load of them for the museum that $mate was 
setting up..  Takes me back to fond memories...  Thanks guys.

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