Ports tree gone unstable?

Bryan Drewery bdrewery at FreeBSD.org
Wed Apr 27 19:21:30 UTC 2016

On 4/27/2016 8:06 AM, Michelle Sullivan wrote:
> After a portsnap update it seems all my jails won't build the current
> tree returning the following error:
> ====>> MOVED: sysutils/puppet renamed to sysutils/puppet38
> ====>> MOVED: textproc/rubygem-augeas renamed to
> textproc/rubygem-ruby-augeas
> ====>> Computing deps for converters/libiconv
> ====>> Computing deps for archivers/unzip
> ====>> Error: Invalid port origin '/usr/local/bin/ccache' not found.
> ====>> Error: Invalid port origin '/usr/local/bin/ccache' not found.

Your poudriere is too old. This is due to the removal of ${PORTSDIR} in
dependencies.  We put that off for several months (I think 6+) after the
Poudriere fix came out for it.

Bryan Drewery

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