Weird portupgrade error on current amd64 [and powerpc64?]

Mark Millard markmi at
Tue Apr 26 19:16:17 UTC 2016 reported a "Broken pipe" problem with portupgrade on 11.0-CURRENT on amd64.

FYI: I had the/a "Broken pipe" portupgrade problem on powerpc64 under 11.0-CURRENT -r298518 on 2016-Apr-23 updating from /usr/ports -r413230 to -r413919. If this might be the same I do not know. The relevant part of the script log is:

> ====> Compressing man pages (compress-man)
> --->  Backing up the old version
> --->  Uninstalling the old version
> [Reading data from pkg(8) ... - 68 packages found - done]
> --->  Deinstalling 'perl5-5.22.1_7'
> [Reading data from pkg(8) ... - 68 packages found - done]
> ** Listing the failed packages (-:ignored / *:skipped / !:failed)
>         ! perl5-5.22.1_7        (Broken pipe)
> --->  Skipping 'ports-mgmt/portlint' (portlint-2.16.8) because a requisite package 'perl5-5.22.1_7' (lang/perl5.22) failed (specify -k to force)

ruby was still lang/ruby21 at the time.

I used portmaster instead and everything worked fine.

Mark Millard
markmi at

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