Making a port - debugging cmake check_include_file

abi abi at
Sun Apr 24 10:05:12 UTC 2016

You mean that the checks are passed, but actual support of V4L - is not?
V4L is the optional feature, so lack of it is not a critical error. From 
what I see in cmake files is that header files are detected and several 
knobs are set.
Should I check that these headers somehow used ? I don't have local or 
analog video cameras :(
Or, assuming that if header files are detected and included, failure to 
include them in compilation phase will lead to fatal error, I shouldn't 

On 24.04.2016 12:59, Matthew D. Fuller wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 24, 2016 at 12:48:58PM +0300 I heard the voice of
> abi, and lo! it spake thus:
>> port Makefile.
>> Looks like the best solution - no need to poke upstream or make patch.
> Interesting.  It's not clear from the docs that
> CMAKE_REQUIRED_INCLUDES affects the actual build of the program (or
> anything except the check_include_file() from a look around,
> actually).  Well, if it works...

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