Starting a new team

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Sat Apr 16 13:51:34 UTC 2016


> I was wondering if there would be any interest in starting a new team for a
> Gene Pattern port. Here is there github ->
> And website - >

I had a quick look at it. Is there any documentation on how it would
be built ? I've also asked their team via their contact form at

So, I have a certain curiosity in the bio/gene software toolchains,
but they have their quirks for some non-bio-science person
to understand, let alone build from source etc.

>From what I understand, they have a public webserver where you can
get access and use their software. What is the added value
to replicate that type of server, or trying to understand
their build process, given that it probably takes serious amounts of
work to pull off ?

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