Deriving base port/package names

Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at
Mon Apr 11 10:57:40 UTC 2016

Roger Marquis wrote on 04/08/2016 16:47:


> Some of us see this as a weakness in the standard.  That plus the lack
> of documentation where you'd expect to find it violates the principles
> of least surprise and KIS.

There is one more place where naming is really strange - rc scripts.
These scripts have usually the same filename as PROVIDE value and 
name="" value. But there is ugly exception in /etc/rc.d/bgfsck:

filename: bgfsck
name: background-fsck
rcvar: background_fsck

It causes problems with eval in rc.subr. I already tried to discuss it 6 
years ago but it seems nobody cares.

Note - in the original message the second example is from rc.d/sshd not 

Miroslav Lachman

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