Committer needed for PR 208029

Michelle Sullivan michelle at
Tue Apr 5 20:45:30 UTC 2016

Kurt Jaeger wrote:
> Hi!
>> Could someone please have a look at this one.
>> All patches got approval from the maintainer.
>> For all I can see this should be ready to be committed.
>> If I overlooked anything or more information is needed,
>> please let me know and I'll try my best to fix this.
> I'm testbuilding those ports right now and find that
> they fail on 9.3amd64 with:
> checking for OpenSSL support... yes
> configure: error: OpenSSL library version requirement not met (>= 1.0.1)
> So it seems that OpenSSL and 9.3amd64 do not build ? Should the
> default for 9.3 probably be something else like gnutls or polarssl ?
OPENSSL from Ports is newer and will compile on 9.3amd64... the base 
OpenSSL is too old and 9.3 is legacy... according to re@

Michelle Sullivan

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