Eventually a must-have pkg feature missing...

Jeffrey Bouquet jeffreybouquet at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 23 14:12:21 UTC 2015

Compounding the problem:
The machine here is usually not running during the nightly pkg backup.
The problem: 
Recently a glitch in a Western digital drive [that fsck_ffs fixed ] lost
I restored local.sqlite from the prior days' backup... 
[ and eventually found it renamed within /lost+found ... ] 
but it would be nice
if pkg wrote a duplicate local.sqlite to another place in the filesystem or
a different ?user-selectable? filesystem upon most or all operations, maybe
configurable as default or non-default.
SPECIFICALLY for hardware crashes... if not also for machines running
rm as initally installed vs here, where it is aliased "away" so one has
to type "/bin/rm"  making the command more "think before pressing
the ENTER key..."

{ As before, nice to have "pkg install" more verbose as to desinstalls/
new installs as to which port each deintsall/insall in the two other lists
(upgrade/reinstall)  it outputs ... but I am used to that.  The first issue here
seems to have a higher priority...  }

{ as before,  optionally out put /var/db/pkg folders in legacy style...
{ pkg feature to compare local.sqlite local.sqlite reporting a diff similar to 
  deprecated port pardiff (diffp) as of 4-13-2014...
{ pkg feature to on-the-fly use as its reference a different local.sqlite so
  one could 
  pkg autremove -n local.1;...  pkg autoremove -n local.2  
  and see which local.sqlite one wants to keep/discard... say when
  restoring from backups...

Also, here the new pkg-static 1.6.0 ran as flawlessly as the one installed 
(I ran it from the port /work/ tree..)

Sorry for the duplicate requests below the main one.  Seems easiest way
to request what smaller parts of it all may be planned for first, if not all
written somewhere in the roadmap[s]...

J. Bouquet

Cross-posting to two lists.  Wish to cross-post to five.  Apologies...

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