net/openldap24-server: Fails to log to SYSLOG unless DEBUG is enabled

John Marshall john.marshall at
Tue Sep 22 01:01:45 UTC 2015

I just updated the opendldap24-server port on one of our servers and
found nothing logged in /var/log/slapd.log after I had started the
newly-built server. After some poking and prodding, I discovered that
logging would only work if the port's DEBUG option was set (I did not
have DEBUG set).

r396801 modifies the port's Makefile to pass --disable-debug to
configure unless the DEBUG option is enabled. Previous behaviour was
that configure would enable debug by default.  I looked in the slapd
source code and see that LDAP_SYSLOG requires LDAP_DEBUG.

Building the port with the DEBUG option set restores the syslog logging,
so I'm happy.  I'm posting this here to save others some fault-finding
time, and I've logged a bug (203256) in case this is not an intentional
side-effect of r396801.

John Marshall
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