Anyone got RethinkDB working in FreeBSD?

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Sun Sep 13 08:53:48 UTC 2015


> >> Right now, I'm in the part where it tries to link the
> >> build/external/v8_3.30.33.16/build/out
> >> stuff and fails because the clang loader does not handle
> >> lib....a files 8-(
> > The latest .shar is available at

> > which shows that it fails to link the external v8. If anyone has an
> > idea on how to fix this ? (Bcc: to sunpoet who maintains lang/v8*).
> >
> Why do you want it to link against the external v8 port?  Seems like 
> just introducing a dependency headache.

The rethinkdb source contains a specific version of the v8 code
and names it external/v8_3.30.33.16.

It's not the v8 port on the system I refer to.

> .a files work on -stable.  Did they get broken in -current?

Thanks for your hint with the clue-bat.

The makefile of rethinkdb creates the ...a file with

ar crsT 

which is different from

ar -r

I'll change the creation of the .a files and report back.

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