Help with new port with multiple downloaded files from github

Andrey Cherkashin andoriyu at
Sun Sep 13 03:44:19 UTC 2015

Hey, any luck with this port?

>Tom Pusateri <pusateri at> writes:
>> Here’s the Makefile
>> PORTNAME=	libchromiumcontent
>> PORTVERSION=	43.0.2357.65
>To override these variables you have to modify master port to use ?=.
>And altering PORTNAME often breaks master's DISTFILES/WRKSRC/etc.
>In this case PORTVERSION should probably stay in sync with master to
>avoid trying to apply new port patches against old chromium.
>> DISTVERSIONSUFFIX=      -atom-2
>DISTVERSION*FIX affect both master and slave distfile. If you only want
>to alter the latter convert into GH_TAGNAME.
>> MAINTAINER=	pusateri at
>> COMMENT=	Shared library build of Chromium's Content module
>> USE_GITHUB=	yes

>Define to "nodefault" to avoid altering MASTER_SITES inherited from the
>master port.
>> GH_PROJECT=	libchromiumcontent:libchromiumcontent
>> GH_ACCOUNT=	atom:libchromiumcontent
>> .include "${MASTERDIR}/Makefile"
>Would the following work for you?

>--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
>PKGNAMEPREFIX=	libchromiumcontent-
>MAINTAINER=	pusateri at
>COMMENT=	Shared library build of Chromium's Content module
>USE_GITHUB=	nodefault
>GH_PROJECT=	libchromiumcontent:libchromiumcontent
>GH_ACCOUNT=	atom:libchromiumcontent
>GH_TAGNAME=	v43.0.2357.65-atom-2:libchromiumcontent
>MASTERDIR=	${.CURDIR}/../chromium
>DESCR=		${.CURDIR}/pkg-descr
># Apply port patches if any from slave
>.if exists(${.CURDIR}/files)
>EXTRA_PATCHES+=	${.CURDIR}/files/patch-*
>.include "${MASTERDIR}/Makefile"
>--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

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